Summer,  Fall 2018

  • Virginia, Mesabi East, MIB

    Class Time: 3:00 to 6:00
    Fall 2018
    Room: TBD
    Parent Meeting: TBD
    Watch for our Fall classroom schedule to be finalized after summer vacation. We are not taking registrations at this time. Thank You!
    This class is currently full. Check back later

Students must be 14 1/2 to attend the classrooms.
Students must be 15 to take the state permit test. 
Minimum enrollment must be met or the classroom will not be held.
The first class will be held regardless of how many students have pre-registered.
Students that show up without pre-registering will be taken from oldest to youngest - if space is available.
Classroom dates and starting times are subject to change.
To Pre-registration by email.
Email students:
         1. full name (as on birth certificate)
         2. date of birth
         3. phone number
         4. session they wish to attend (please include town)