Plan Ahead


Workable & Creative Ideas

  • I will schedule instructors to come to Ely to drive when we have enough hours to drive a full day.
  • I will schedule driving days in Ely. Ely HS often has teacher workshop days and school breaks that differ from other schools. I’ll take advantage of those days.
  • Make driver training a priority. When I call to schedule a driving day in Ely please take advantage of the opportunity. This may mean choosing a driving lesson over something else.
  • Call me to coordinate taking a permit test & starting your Behind the Wheel in Virginia on the same day. This will require some advance notice. We offer to do this for any student who must travel into Virginia to take a permit test. Permit tests in Virginia are given on the computer with headphones. This is especially helpful for teens that need quiet when taking a test or would feel better if the test was read to them.
  • Combine a trip. If you are coming to Virginia for something else, (little brother’s elementary basketball tournament, a visit with relatives, doctor appointments, etc.) let me know in advance and I’ll do my best to line up an instructor for your child to drive at the same time.
  • Carpooling. With advance notice I can usually schedule 2 students at the same time with different instructors. Occasionally, students want to ride in the teaching vehicle with each other. This can also be arranged.
  • With advance notice we can schedule a last hour and a road test for the same day.

Virginia does offer a few different driving experiences compared to other range towns; ramps, green arrows traffic signals, “short cuts”, “pork-chops”, rail-grade crossings, one-way streets, quite a few regular traffic lights, and a variety of pavement markings.