Regulations Quiz


#1. A left turn from a one-way street onto a one-way street can be made from any lane.

#2. When parking downhill, turn your wheels toward the curb.

#3. A traffic lane in a part of a street or highway wide enough to permit safe opperation of a vehicle or line of vehicles.

#4. You may park in a NO PARKING zone if you stay in your car.

#5. If there is no train in sight, it is all right to drive around a lowered railroad crossing gate.

#6. You must use your low beam headlights when within 200 feet of an oncoming car.

#7. Yellow painted curbs mean NO PARKING.

#8. It is OK to pass on a two-way road with a solid yellow line on your side of the centerline. Â

#9. A permit in Minnesota is good for a period of one year.

#10. It is against the law to pass a school bus when lights are flashing and stop arm is extended.

#11. It is all right to pass another car on the right if there are two lanes of traffic moving in the same direction.

#12. Right turn on red is allowed at any intersection which does not have a sign saying that you cannot make the turn.

#13. A through street is one for which side traffice must stop or yield.

#14. It is all right to speed up to 40 mph in a 30 mph zone only if you are passing another vehicle.

#15. You may park 11 feet from a fire hydrant.

You need to be parked at least 20 feet from a fire hydrant.