Defensive Driving Quiz


#1. If your tires drop off the pavement onto the gravel shoulder, maintain your speed and turn the wheels sharply back onto the road.

#2. Reduce your speed before entering a curve, then about half way through the curve gradually accelerate.

#3. When being passed, maintain your speed so you don’t throw the passing drivers timing off?

#4. If your vehicle starts to skid, look and steer in the direction you want to go?

#5. When meeting an oncoming vehicle at night, watch the centerline to help you hold your lane position.

#6. When traveling up a hill or around a curve, stay closer to the right side of your lane?

#7. If you suspect the driver in front of you is under the influence, pass them.

#8. When you face a green light there is no need to observe traffic to the right or left, because they face red lights.

#9. There is an emergency vehicle with red flashing lights-parked on the shoulder of the road. As you approach it, move one lane away.

#10. Always speed up to get through the intersection on a yellow light.